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Well, it seems to be that time once again.  Over the course of my 64 plus years of living on the planet, I must once again relocate and find a new place to live.  That is right folks.  I said I am about to move for the THIRTY SEVENTH time.  The owner of the house I currently rent a room in has decided to sell the house that has been in his family for a number of h=years.  He has just put a new roof on it and has decided he wants to move.  He said he will put the property up for sale once a few more updates have been made.  I do not harbor any ill will towards him as he has every right to do this.  So, with that said, I must now find a new location to move to.  I have lived here for about 2 years, which seems to be the morn for my life this past decade of so.  Except for a 3plus year at my late brother's house, I have been relocating around 2 years at the most.  Such is life.

If anyone in the Orlando area knows of oe has a room to rent, please contact me.  I don't know exactly the time frame for me to move, but i don't want to wait to the last moment to do this.  Sent me wither an email, text, of IM to discuss.  Thanks in advance for any help.
I miss dancing.  Except for a couple of brief moments last year, I haven't really be able to "cut loose" in decades.  In my younger day, say my 20's and 30's, I was always rocking out the great tunes of the day.  I must say that I was pretty decent at doing it as well.  I could draw a crowd for my style where ever I went.  Loved it.  Rarely got tired or worn out doing it either.  I could go for hours.  And I could almost always find a willing partner to join me.  Especially the prettier girls that seemed to enjoy being seen with me.  The music back in those days (and YES I will include D-I-S-C-O) were magical and provided the perfect backdrop to help us all "get down on it"!