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Well, that day arrived.  I knew it would eventually come around but still, it hurts a bit.  Mostly because of the circumstances surrounding it haven't been all that pleasant.  And what is this event that has happend?  It deals with one of my passions in life that were around for just over 20 years of my existence.

Playing.  Darts.  I am no longer able to play, or even more so, be competitive in this sport.  Due to the slow, but methodical deterioration on my mind and body in several ways, I am forced to realize my limitations.  I have tried many things, chances, methods, and even using either arm to throw.  But, alas, nothing is helping.  So it is solemn acceptance that I am retiring from active duty from the oche.

It has been such an immeasurable ride these past two decades!  I have gone from being a novice, a green rookie that hardly knew a Bulls Eye from Bull Shit, but I learned fairly quickly.  Part of that was hereditary though.  My mum (RIP) was from England and she played very well.  And my Dad was a very accomplished player as well.  He won many tournaments in several countries during his younger days.

And then there is my brother.  James.  He was so good he was ranked in the top 5 players in the country at one point!  As is said, he taught me everything I know. . .but not all that HE knew!  I started playing against not only him, but a few other Top 10 players during my early years.  And when I first moved to Florida in 2007, my game escalated ten fold.  More competition against more Top 10 foes helped me soar in the Dart Universe.

But, unfortunately, medical complications (diabetes, 2 strokes within 3 years) have taken toll on my 64 year old physique. And it is time to retire from active competition.  I can and will still do activities behind the scenes.  I still run a dart league (GOLD) an serve as the Tournament Director for another (Florida Dart Association).  Until such time as all my faculties wear away, I will do my best in those coapacities.

See you all BEHIND the oche!
I miss dancing.  Except for a couple of brief moments last year, I haven't really be able to "cut loose" in decades.  In my younger day, say my 20's and 30's, I was always rocking out the great tunes of the day.  I must say that I was pretty decent at doing it as well.  I could draw a crowd for my style where ever I went.  Loved it.  Rarely got tired or worn out doing it either.  I could go for hours.  And I could almost always find a willing partner to join me.  Especially the prettier girls that seemed to enjoy being seen with me.  The music back in those days (and YES I will include D-I-S-C-O) were magical and provided the perfect backdrop to help us all "get down on it"!